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World Class Strategic Plan

Morgan Shields Energy performs a

comprehensive market analysis and launch plan:

   1) Identifies market opportunities & associated risks, and

   2) Methodology to exploit opportunities & mitigate risks

Create a strategic plan, assess and quantify the market, risks, and maximize chances for success.


Systematically, proactively manage developing market dynamics and competitive jockeying  scott shields katy, scott shields houston, scott shields katy, scott shields houston

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Scott Shields Katy Texas Man, LNG Consultant, Expert witness natural gas LNG

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Strategy Experience

Strategy Begins with a Clear Mission and Vision

Experience with

Exxon, Enron, Repsol, Black Hills Corp,IBM, Motorola

World Class Experience 

Using Best-in-Class techniques which result in more go / no-go decisions, effective operations, marketing, and finance.  Systematically plan and organize, mitigate risks associated with ambitious geographic, product, service or other expansion plans.

  • Developed, presented and received approval strategies for Repsol's Energy North America's (LNG / natural gas) entry into the US market;

  • Helped develop Enserco Energy, unit of Black Hills Corporation, North American cross-commodity strategy;

  • Created and implemented Enron's derivatives marketing strategy within the pulp & paper group, focused upon the publisher market;

  • Adept at government contracts pricing and strategy -- worked on ATF advanced tactical fighter and Sea Wolf submarine;

  • Grew US LNG Natural Gas Trading and Origination Business. Expanded Repsol LNG marketing and procurement business from 3 to over 40 employees, creating the strategy and marketing plan and providing critical structuring, valuation, policies and procedures, risk policies, and systems implementations support;

  • Structured, valued and negotiated LNG supply contracts with major LNG suppliers world wide.  Resulted in new flexible pricing mechanism allowing offtakers to change pricing after firm commitment to purchase LNG;

  • Rolled out new processes for Exxon, including new systems, financial controls, and continuous improvement techniques;

  • Created and executed Floating Ragas LNG (FSRU) Asset Monetization Strategy (AMS). Included strategic asset analysis, marketing plan, transportation and pipeline analysis, storage analysis, introduction of partnership concepts and negotiations with upstream and downstream partnerships;

  • Created and incorporated LNG Business and Marketing Strategy - using Monte Carlo simulations into marketing, models to quantify, compare and present LNG supplier netbacks;

  • Led international strategic analysis effort to quantify net present value of 160,000 cubic meter above LNG ground storage facility for liquefied natural gas facility resulting in build decision;

  • Using analytics, cargo acquisition and regasification flow optionality, analyzed downstream natural gas index baskets, forward curves and their volatilities, and incremental financial and physical trading and marketing profits;

  • Led analysis and participated in many international multiparty LNG negotiations;

  • LNG Competitive Analysis. Created models to compare U.S. LNG regasification terminals incorporating forward curves and volatility;

  • Co-founded a financial institution resulting in a strategic merger with an incumbent;

  • Created strategy for several LNG companies, including asset monetization, capital raise, gas supply and transportation;

  • Appointed to KISD Board of Advisors - Bond Committee approving over $600 million in debt issuances;

  • International Energy Transfer Pricing, Crude & Crude Products. Provided critical quantitative support to $6.3 billion IRS legal claim regarding energy transfer pricing of crude and refined products of Saudi Aramco and a major integrated oil & gas company;

  • Storage, LNG Liquefaction Strategy and Analysis. Led the analysis and implementation of needle peaking LNG asset strategy for multi-LDC holding company;

  • Regasification Facility Analysis. Utilized Monte Carlo simulations and other analysis techniques to quantify, evaluate and compare LNG destination net-back profits. Directed effort in negotiations with overseas LNG firms seeking regasification terminal use agreement opportunities within the United States;

  • Appointed to Board of Advisers and speaker for InfoCast LNG for Marine and High Horsepower Applications;


To see Scott Shields in a recent TV Interview click here

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