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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coming to the United States in a Big Way

The US's quantum leap to dominate AI

By Julia LimitoneFOXBusiness reposted by Scott Shields Houston, Scott Shields Katy,

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Former Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill on teaming up to form a public-private partnership to invest in AI technology that aims to advance biomedical research.U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Tuesday said the time has come for America to boost its dominance in artificial intelligence.“We found a couple of years ago that we were in about third place on the supercomputers and the administration made the commitment that that's not good enough. Whoever gets the quantum computing first wins,” Secretary Perry told Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.” “And so this administration now has increased funding by 45 percent on our supercomputers.”

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Weill Family Foundation recently teamed up to form a public-private partnership to invest in AI technology that aims to advance biomedical research. There are six core planner personality drivers. Take the quiz to find out which of the six is your primary driver and learn how to make this the best year of your professional life!“I was out at the University of California San Francisco again. Where [former Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill] has been a great and extraordinary benefactor from the standpoint of those universities neuroscience school,” he said. “And it started making some sense that we would be able to have a public-private partnership with the Weill Family Foundation.”

FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo looks at how artificial intelligence is changing lives.Sandy Weill, the former CEO and chairman of Citigroup who was also part of the interview said the supercomputers, will have the ability to give doctors access to information much faster.“What we're trying to do and I think what we will do working with the Department of Energy is to be able to look at a thousand times more information in a very short period of time so that the information is really important to the doctors, they're seeing it in real-time rather than weeks later when it where it's not nearly as valuable,” he said. However, the partnership is already finding “great answers to questions” on mental health, traumatic brain injury, concussions and CTE that the U.S. didn’t have the capacity to answer, Perry said.“We're seeing some great work being done on traumatic brain injury, again because of what Sandy and his foundation is doing out at UCSF at California with Dr. Jeffrey Manley,” PErry said referring to the University of California, San Francisco.  “He's come up with device, Maria, take a drop of your blood and even if the MRI doesn’t show a concussion he can tell definitively of course they're not you've been concussed -- that's life-changing stuff.”And it's not just health care that quantum computing will be vital to. Perry and Weill believe it can be important to "all different areas." reposted by Scott Shields Houston, Scott Shields Katy,

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