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  5. American Petroleum Institute Katy, Texas

  6. Commodity Prices

  7. Environmental Protection Agency

  8. Houston Producers Forum

  9. Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia

  10. Independent Petroleum Association of America

  11. Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico

  12. Louisiana Oil and Gas Association

  13. Michigan Oil and Gas Association

  14. New Mexico Oil and Gas Association

  15. Ohio Oil and Gas Association

  16. Oklahoma Corporation Commission

  17. Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association

  18. Pennsylvania Bureau of Oil and Gas Management

  19. Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association

  20. Permian Basin Petroleum Association

  21. Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

  22. Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association

  23. Texas Railroad Commission

  24. U.S. Department of Energy

  25. U.S. Department of the Interior

  26. U.S. Energy Information Administration

  27. U.S. Minerals Management Service

  28. WV Division of Environmental Protection

  29. CLNG - Center for Liquefied Natural Gas - America's Coolest Clean Fuel

  30. FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - Industries-LNG in the U.S.

  31. Bentek - an independent energy market analytics company Solutions

  32. Natural - Comprehensive Katy Information Source for topics related to Natural Gas 

  33. Energy Information Administration - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government Energy Information Administration - Independent Statistics and Analysis

  34. The Institute for Energy Law - A Division of The Center for American and International Law

  35. FindLaw - Lawyers, Attorneys, and Legal Information

  36. FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Energy Law - Practice Areas

  37. Energy Bar Association

  38. Energy Law Journal - Foundation of the Energy Law Journal

  39. - Commodity Futures

  40. Platts - Energy Products & Services, Oil, Coal Insight, Natural Gas Shipping, Electric Power Methodolgy Analysis

  41. LNG Tech Global Summit 2010

  42. NESA - National Energy Services Association Katy, Texas APCI

  43. LDC Gas Forums - The Premier Network for Gas Buyers and Sellers

  44. CCRO - Committee of Chief Risk Officers - Advancing Best Practices for Energy Companies

  45. - Chemical Industry News and Intelligence

  46. FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - Industries - LNG in the U.S.


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