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  •  Expert Witness Energy Pricing Methodologies. Served to attest industry-typical practices of contractual and pricing methodologies associated in the United States natural gas market in a multi-party anti-trust suit. Provided expert declaration to judge, served witness and litigation support servi
    ces involving commodity trading, marketing, derivatives, transportation, contract structures and hedging contracts between natural gas industry sellers and major commercial and industrial customers.


  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support for Pipeline Rate Case. Provided consultative advice regarding interstate pipeline tariff and strategic considerations to advantage industrial client.


Expert Witness in Natural Gas Litigation dispute regarding contracting / confidentiality breach.


  • Litigation and Economic Analysis  in floating liquefaction FLNG litigation.  Provided analytical and litigation support involving LNG hedging, floating LNG and natural gas hedging, Asia-Pacific basin logistics and project forward pricing and economics. Floating liquefaction breach and economic damage models disputing developer and plaintiff assertion that reasonably certain damages resulted from breach of contract.


  • Litigation Support for Natural Gas Trading and Marketing Practices in the United States focused upon commercial and industrial entities.


  • Litigation and Economics Support involving derivatives and swaps.  Analyzed derivatives and swaps market concentration and its proliferation, uses and financial institution market power.


  • Litigation and Economics Support. Provided advice and litigation support for industrial company during rate case proceedings, providing consultative advice regarding interstate pipeline tariff and strategic considerations to advantage the industrial client.



 Natural Gas and Energy Executive and Consulting Experience


  • Expanded Several Energy Companies Marketing, Trading and Derivatives Businesses. Expanded several commodity organizations; increased transactions with end-users and profits of marketing and trading business of Sonat in mid- continent; completed largest  derivatives transaction in Enron paper group’s history; taught and expanded use of derivatives structures with clients.


  • Originated, valued and structured long-term structured downstream transactions.  Customers and continued relationships include local distribution companies, private equity investors, power plants, aggregators, and municipalities associated with $1 billion North American regasification facility and 10.5 Bcfd of storage; Clients involved private equity owners and managers of power plants, LDCs and retail aggregators.


  • Led and assisted in most aspects of U.S. natural gas trading firm startup. Developed strategy and marketing plan for gas trading & origination; involved with establishment of risk policy document, policies & procedures, and implementation for trading & origination.


  • Traded Natural Gas. Traded natural gas in the mid-continent trading area. 


  • Marketed and Structured Natural Gas. Combined physical and financial derivatives to meet client risk management needs for hedging exposures to volatile energy prices.  Customers included local distribution companies, power plants, aggregators, industrials, and municipalities.
  • Negotiated LNG natural gas contracts. Structured deals and negotiated propositions relating to LNG supply and several US-based LNG facilities.
  • Developed and implemented Northeast LNG peak-shaving business strategy. Strategy resulted in two $100 million peak-shaving LNG projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions; one project advanced into well-developed joint venture negotiation.


  • Coordinated, structured and negotiated power, gas and derivative transactions, tolling and capacity/commodity proposals, and contract monetizations & restructures involving local distribution companies, municipalities, utilities, and industrials. Developed counterparty relationships within Mid-Continent, Gulf-Coast, and Texas regions.


  • Developed for client executives risk management structures and hedge programs.


  • Commercial/structuring liaison of new origination business. Assignment resulted in originators more fully understanding and utilizing company structure and capabilities and more deal flow.


  • Taught derivative structures and their applications to mitigate cash flow volatility of client businesses.


  • Developed alliances and co-marketing agreements to augment market penetration of start-up businesses.



LNG Executive and Consulting Experience


  • Grew U.S. LNG Natural Gas Origination Business. Expanded Repsol LNG trading and marketing business from 3 to over 30 employees, creating the business strategy and marketing plan and providing critical structuring, valuation, policies and procedures, risk policies, and systems implementations support.


  • LNG Business and Marketing Strategy. Using Monte Carlo simulations, created and incorporated into marketing, models to quantify and compare and present LNG supplier netbacks.


  • LNG Storage Import Facility Valuation. Led international analysis effort to quantify net present value of 160,000 meter3 above ground storage facility for liquefied natural gas storage facility resulting in build decision.


  • LNG market analytics, cargo acquisition and regasification flow optionality. Led analysis of downstream natural gas index baskets, forward curves and their volatilities, and incremental financial and physical trading and marketing profits.


  • International LNG Liquefaction Strategy and Negotiations. Led analysis and participated in international multiparty LNG negotiations.


  • LNG Competitive Analysis. Created models to compare U.S. LNG regasification terminals incorporating forward curves and volatilities.


  • LNG Peaking Strategic Analysis. Created strategy for LNG peaking of multi-LDC company in the US.  Led joint venture negotiations and structure.


  • International Energy Transfer Pricing, Crude & Crude Products. Provided critical quantitative support to $6.3 billion IRS legal claim regarding energy transfer pricing of crude and refined products of Saudi Aramco and a Major integrated oil & gas company.


  • Storage, LNG Liquefaction Strategy and Analysis. Led the analysis and implementation of needle peaking LNG asset strategy for multi-LDC holding company.


  • Regasification Facility Analysis. Utilized Monte Carlo simulations and other analysis techniques to quantify, evaluate and compare LNG destination net-back profits. Directed effort in negotiations with overseas LNG firms seeking regasification terminal use agreement opportunities within the United States.



Mid Office Executive and Consulting Experience
 Natural Gas    o    Cross Commodity    o   Derivatives Structuring    o    LNG Analytics   o    Risk Management   o    Gas Transportation


  • Pipeline Acquisition Economics.  Performed economic analysis in evaluation of a buy, no-buy decision of an interstate pipeline.
  • Created strategy and quantified exposure in Salt Dome Storage Facility.  Analysis resulted in mitigated risks and higher profitability associated with subscribed salt-dome storage.
  • Researched and coordinated accounting measures and procedures during origination efforts which facilitated compliance with GAAP and FAS 133.
  • Structured diverse commodity and cross commodity transactions with Enron Capital & Trade.
  • Evaluated Brown-Field and Power Generation Conversions. Examined industrial companies and municipalities to evaluate development of inside-the-fence combined cycle, cogeneration and Rankin-Cycle power conversions.
  •  Developed back-haul gas transportation models. Evaluated pipeline acquisition economics, and created new coordination between regional trading desks.
  • International Business and Marketing Strategy. Created models to coordinate LNG diversions and operations, regasification capital investment storage capacities, and downstream trading & marketing involvement.
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation in Storage Analysis. Led effort to quantify through Monte Carlo simulations and mitigate subscription default risk of salt-dome storage facility. Mitigated risks examining portfolio of customers, downstream pipelines, resulting in improved profit and reduced risk.
  • Audited international trading operations, assessing international operations and legal best-practices.
  • Budgeted and performed financial analysis & reporting for 350 Exxon affiliates.
  • Performed profitability analysis on Aramco equity holdings, acting as backstop for $6 Billion lawsuit.
  • Consulted and process mapped operations of several Exxon affiliates resulting in increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

  • International Energy Transfer Pricing, Crude & Crude Products.  Provided critical quantitative support to $6.3 billion IRS legal claim regarding energy transfer pricing of crude and refined products of Saudi Aramco and a Major integrated oil & gas company.


Morgan Shields has the appropriate LNG expert witness and litigation support experience for LNG, natural gas and other energy markets to assist you and your client with the right LNG expert witness advice, declaration, expert report and deposition.

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